Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Daylilies of 2009

On Sunday, March 29, the first Daylily of the 2009 season came into bloom. That Daylily is ROSIE MEYER (Alexander, 1957) which is the red one shown with this blog entry. It is an Evergreen, and can rebloom. The gold Daylily is AZTEC GOLD (Dennett, 1936). It came into bloom on Friday, April 3. AZTEC GOLD is a Dormant, and it also can rebloom here. Both Daylilies are suitable to this area. Now, I am hoping the scapes on these two, and the not yet bloomed BUTTERSCOTCH RUFFLES don't get frozen tonight...


  1. I do hope your blooms survived the cold last night. I am waiting the sun to uncover my plants from last night. It was quite cold here in North Florida and that wind was wicked yesterday!

  2. I just got my very first daylilies, Yangtze. I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. Darla, Wicked Gardener,
    The flower buds all survived the cold. Both have bloomed some since the freeze. A third variety, BUTTERSCOTCH RUFFLES has bud scapes now.