Saturday, April 10, 2010

Iris albicans

Most types of Irises will not grow in Florida. There are a few that will. One of those few is Iris albicans, which is shown with this post. Around here, it will grow in the ground but not well and does not bloom. But, put it in a pot with potting soil, and it grows well and will bloom. When I lived in Kentucky, I had a lot of Irises so any Iris that will grow and bloom here is special.

Fringe Trees

I love fringe trees. They are native in much of the eastern half of the USA, but nowhere are they very common. These wonderful trees can be grown from central Florida northward to southern Canada. The blooms are fragrant. The trees are desciduous. In the fall, the leaves turn gold then fall quickly. While not common, they are native to the area. Shown is a young Fringe Tree in bloom, and a closeup of the blooms.

More Azaleas

Here are more Azaleas in bloom. These are along a wall of the house going right under my bedroom window. The larger plant at the corner is a Camellia. The season is running somewhat late this year. I finally have found a scape on a Daylily though.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Azaleas are common in this area, but I have not had that grand of luck with them. I have a few that are doing okay. Currently in bloom are the Red Ruffles Azalea, which are shown with this post. These plants, while small, are a few years old. I hope I can get them to grow. For one spectacular showing of Azalea blooms, the place to check out is Rainbow Springs State Park.

More White Flowers

Here are a couple more plants with white flowers. One is a Violet of some sort. I don't know the species. The other is Walter's Viburnum shrub form. It makes a good showing of blooms.