Saturday, January 31, 2009

Freeze Damaged Plants

Shown are a couple of freeze damaged plants. These are African Irises and a Coontie. The African Irises look like they may be totally destroyed, and the Coontie is harmed but I am not sure how badly. What are the chances of survival of these plants?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Big Freeze

This is my first attempt at having a blog, although I am on some Daylily mailing groups. Our fall started early, but then we had a big warm spell during the Christmas and New Years holidays. But, recently, we have had the big freeze, making almost feel like I was back in Kentucky where I used to live. Shown to the right is a poor Mourning Dove trying to get a drink from a birdbath that was frozen solid.

The Daylilies and Crinums were growing like it was spring, but they now look totally frozen. The Sasanqua Camellias had finished blooming, and the Japonica Camellias were coming into bloom when we got the big freeze. Shown to the left is part of the garden in the back of the house, showing frozen Daylily plants and a very cold Camellia. I guess most of you all don't know this weather can happen in Florida...