Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hemerocallis fulva part four

This is the fourth and [for now] last post on Hemerocallis fulva. Hemerocallis fulva PASTELROSE is another good grower here. It grows tall, robust, and has a long blooming season. H. f. PASTELROSE has two different looks, depending on the weather. I have a photo of each look with this post. The more pink look is how it appears in hot drier weather. The more orangey look is how it appears in mild damp or rainy weather.

Hemerocallis fulva part three

For part three, I am covering Darrell Apps Korean Fulva. The Daylily hybridizer Darrell Apps discovered a form of Hemerocallis fulva growing in South Korea. While similar to the more common H. f. EUROPA, the shape of the bloom is different, and the Korean Fulva blooms later than the common form. The color is this vivid.

Hemerocallis fulva part two

This second post on Hemerocallis fulva involves FLORE-PLENO. While it does not grow wild down here, it is frequently seen in gardens around old homes especially out of the cities. While quite rugged, it does have a problem with susceptibility to Spider Mites during very dry hot weather. In moist sites, this plant can be invasive. I grow it in large pots sunk back in the ground.

Hemerocallis fulva part one

In some parts of the country, Hemerocallis fulva may be considered a weed. But, I loved it when I was a kid. I still love this plant. When I moved to Florida, I did not know that I could grow it down here, but I can. Shown is Hemerocallis fulva Europa, which is the most common form. It grows wild further north, but not here. It will grow here under cultivation.