Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Favorite Blogs

I finally got around to adding a couple blogs as favorites. To the right side of the page are links to a couple blogs I enjoy. Wicked Gardener is in the Ocala, FL area in the same county I am in. Melanie of Melanie's Old Country Garden is on Long Island, NY and like me, is a member of the American Hemerocallis Society mailing list. Now, I need to getting around to seeing how to link up on Blotanical. I am grateful to both ladies for telling me how to get this blog started.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeding Birds

I feed the birds, and get several different species around. One of my favorites are the Doves mentioned in earlier posts. But, look what else likes the bird seed...

Favorite Blogs

If anyone who is used to Blogger can tell me how to add a list of favorite blogs, like on the right side of the page, please let me know.

Dogwoods and Redbuds

Shown are two spring blooming trees that are native to this area, though not common. These are Dogwoods [white] and Redbuds [pink-purple]. Both are deciduous and and bloom in the spring. The Redbuds can start blooming in late January or early February depending on the weather. Dogwoods are March bloomers, and are at peak bloom as of today. Both have done well even with the occasional freeze up until recently. We still could have a freeze down here though.