Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bridal Wreath Spireas

I still need to remember to try to make the font large enough for easy reading... Does anyone know of a way to make the font larger after an entry has been posted? Shown are Bridal Wreath Spireas. I love these things too.

When I was a kid in Kentucky, I knew a girl who lived in an older house that had Bridal Wreath Spireas around it. Those were one heck of a show, and that girl loved them. At that time, we did not have enough space for one.

She moved, and we moved, and I never got around to growing these plants for the entire time I lived up there. Upon moving here, I never even thought of them until... ...that spring, when I noticed Bridal Wreath Spireas being quite common around Dunnellon, FL.

I started planting some, and am glad I did. Bridal Wreath Spireas are wonderful plants. They are not commonly found in nurseries. Mine came from Dinkins Service Store in Dunnellon, FL on US 41.

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