Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since moving here, I loved the look of Agapanthus but was not able to grow them until I tried some against the front wall in a sheltered "L" shaped place. They love that spot, as this photo of the bloom shows.

Mary Guenther Daylily

Shown here is the Daylily MARY GUENTHER. This is a recent arrival here, and I hope it does well for me. The colors are so bright. This flower dates back to 1942.

Doomsday Daylily

This is the Daylily DOOMSDAY (Taylor, 1956). This is an interesting plant to have too.

Altered State Daylily

More Daylilies... Shown is ALTERED STATE (Carr, 1997). It was hybridized about 23 miles from where I live. This thing is so pretty.

Monday, May 3, 2010


SWEET PATOOTIE (Warner, 1976) is another early blooming Daylily. I love that color and shape of it. This is a very dependable Daylily here.


Coming into bloom is the Daylily AZTEC GOLD (Dennett, 1936). It can bloom three times in one season here and typically starts early. It is short but pretty.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fox Squirrels

Taking a small diversion from plants, I thought I may would mention Fox Squirrels. There are several that come around, and I feed them some intentionally. While much larger than the common gray squirrels, the Fox Squirrels are much better behaved. Unlike the grays, the Fox Squirrels can feed peacefully with ground feeding birds such as various types of Doves. Since Fox Squirrels are not very common, I am including a couple photos of them.

Here come the Daylilies...

The first Daylily of the 2010 season here was ROSIE MEYER (Alexander, 1957) with the first bloom being on April 22. ROSIE MEYER is an excellent Daylily for this area, and is among the earliest and the latest Daylilies to bloom. It is a repeat bloomer. The one drawback is it cannot be grown in a shady spot because in such setting, it will get the Daylily Rust. There will be more Daylily entries following.

Iris virginica

Iris virginica is another of few Irises I can grow. It is native to wet spots including here in Florida, but will grow in a normal flower bed if watered regularly. I find it to be very attractive.