Saturday, March 27, 2010

As promised, a couple more pictures. Shown here is a closeup of blooms on Walter's Viburnum tree form and Chickasaw Plum. Both are native to this area. A few other flowers are starting to bloom out which may be shown later. The season here is running near a month behind average but that may start to equalize with the onset of warmer weather. Last year I had the first Daylily bloom on March 29. Today is March 27 and I still have not found a scape.

While my mother was ill, things sort of got out of hand, but I am in the process now of re-doing the garden. Some areas that are harder to maintain I will allow to go to grass. I can mow in between some Crinum clumps easier than I can hand weed. The flowers that need more tending will be concentrated around the house.

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